5 Essential Commands to Teach Your Puppy


Hey Paw Parent! Training a pup can be (p)awful at times, but we got you covered. Residential dog training Manchester is what we do best.

Before sending your pup for residential dog training, you might want to teach your pup these essential commands. These are basic commands even residential dog trainers suggest every dog parent should teach and know.


Grab Their Attention!

Pups can be quite energetic, and grabbing their attention is challenging. Though overwhelming at the start, once you learn to grab their attention, there’s no turning back.

  • Pick one or two words such as ‘look’, ‘here’, ‘watch me’, etc.
  • Use it to call your pup every time.
  • When he/she responds, give her a treat or a toy to play with.


Now that you have your pup’s attention, the next best command is to teach him to sit.

  • Grab his favourite treat and hold it near his nose.
  • Slowly lower your hand and guide your pup to sit.
  • Offer him the treat once he has lowered his butt to the ground.
  • Repeat this several times a day, especially during meal times.

Since this is an easy command to start with, it’ll boost your pup’s confidence.


A crucial command when you lose control of the leash or leave the door open.

  • Start indoors. Go to the door or another room altogether.
  • With enthusiasm and a treat in your hand, call him with the word ‘come!’.
  • Once he runs to you, praise, and offer him the treat.
  • Repeat with caution because you don’t want to bore him.


Since this is a compromising position, you might want to teach this once he’s mastered the other commands.

  • Start by making your dog sit.
  • Next, extend and hold out your palm to convey a ‘stay’ gesture.
  • Take a step back and if he holds his position reward him with praise.
  • Every time he obeys the stay command, increases the number of steps you take.


Essential when your pup is getting out of control or acts aggressively.

  • Take her favourite treat, show it, and hold in it your hands.
  • Close your fist, let her sniff and lick, but do not give to her yet.
  • Command her to ‘leave it’ and let her move away.
  • Reward her by opening one fist and handing the treat.

Repeat until your pup gives up the aggressive behaviour.