6 Tips To Create A Calming Environment For Your Dog

6 Tips To Create A Calming Environment For Your Dog


Bringing a dog home is just like bringing in a newborn child. In no time these little ones become a part of your family and life. Just like a newborn, your home is a completely new world for your dog. It is very likely to whimper, pace, and pant all around. For that reason, you need to walk that extra mile to provide them a calm and soothing environment. You can find a wide range of products from crates to chews at Lords and Labradors that help to create a homely and atmosphere for your tiny friends. Make your home a place where they feel nurtured and help them reduce anxiety. Here are some tips to help you create an ideal environment for dogs to boost their immunity and mental and physical health.

Create and maintain a routine

Just like us humans, a regular routine brings discipline and stability to dogs as well. They are naturally routine lovers. They can quickly create habits and have no issues sticking to them. A healthy routine tells dogs the behavior they should follow and set their expectations from the household. A regular schedule of outside time, food, and play make them feel safe and secured.

Keep him active

As they say, a tired dog is a good dog.’ Dogs love to stay active and exercise. Depending upon their age, breed, and physical ability they love to perform activities both inside and outside the home. It is something they need to stay healthy and happy. While your vet can ask you to keep them indoors until they reach a certain age, a little playful exercise at home is great for their growth.

Let them have their own space

Everyone likes to own a place to feel safe and belonged and dogs are no different. It is often a part of their routine building exercise. While some dogs prefer a bed, some likes a closet, and others are happy with a crate. One simple way to identify how an ideal space should be for your dog is to observe them. Look for the corners of the house where they love to hide and try to recreate the same comfort with a separate bed for them.

Arrange for times when you are not at home

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Most often than not, dog parents struggle to arrange a calming environment for their pets while they are away. Sometimes you need to leave your pup home alone, especially when everyone is out for work or studies. You can handle this situation by playing calming music or video for them. You can create a playlist of the songs they love or sort to a dog-centric channel on YouTube.

Rotate their calming chews and toys

Doggie chews are great to relieve their stress and soothe their anxiety. It also helps in preventing them from chewing your belongings. Chews are available in chamomile and valerian designs that most dogs love. Also, it is a good practice to rotate their chews and toys to keep them effective. You can also a vet to manage serious stress conditions.

Understand their sleep cycle and ensure peaceful #SleepForDogs

Dogs sleep a lot more than we do and a simple reason is they listen to their body more than us. Mostly these little furry friends spend more than half of the day sleeping. Your friend might say that your dog sleeps more than his and that can be all ok.

Some larger breeds, small pups, and older doggies sleep more than others and are not necessarily healthy. They simply need that much sleep to stay fresh and energetic. You can consult your vet to know about your dog’s sleep cycle so that you can help him with that. Here is what you can do to ensure your pup gets enough peaceful sleep.

  • Along with an eating and playing schedule, create a routine for sleeping as well.
  • Give your dog enough exercise to enjoy a restful sleep.
  • Feed your dog its last meal a bit early. It reduces the chances of digestive problems after bedtime.
  • Let your little friend relieve before sleep to avoid sleep disruptions.
  • Create a special spot for them to enjoy a deep restful sleep.