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Benefits Of Having An Emotional Support Dog – Everything You Need To Know About


Many people tend to be skeptical regarding the benefits and purpose of having an emotional support animal. An emotional support animal helps people suffering from various mental illnesses or disabilities. Today, people of all ages suffer from symptoms of stress and anxiety. An emotional support animal helps people cope with a mental or physical disability.

You must know that for registering your ESA, you just not only need a legitimate emotional support animal registration. You need to have a prescription from a practicing medical practitioner to own one since not everyone can own an ESA. Therefore, if you are planning to get one, it is recommended that you consult with your physician first and get your pet through a reputed place.

An emotional support animal, unlike other assistance animals, is not professionally trained. It can provide love, affection, and companionship to its owner. However, other service dogs that are backed official disabilities act are trained to provide help and assistance to their owner who are suffering from any physical disability or illness.

The following are some significant benefits of owning an emotional support animal.

They Alleviate Symptoms Of Stress And Depression.

Antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs increase serotonin and dopamine levels in our brains. Similarly, emotional support dogs can help to improve the production of neuro-chemicals in our brain. Through their unconditional support and affection, people can experience an improvement in their mood and productivity levels. Moreover, people don’t feel lonely under the company of an emotional support animal and therefore are less likely to feel depressed.

You Don’t Feel Lonely Or Bored.

People who live alone tend to be less socially active as they don’t have anybody to accompany them when going out for a walk, eat food, go out for picnics, etc. Therefore, when you have an emotional support animal by your side, it can give you company so that you don’t feel shy, lonely, or bored. Pets who hold an ESA certification are also allowed to travel in airplanes. Therefore, people who are going alone and own an emotional support animal can also travel with their pets.

They Help People Stay Fit And Active. 

People who suffer from clinical depression often tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. They don’t like to go out and feel depressed and demotivated all the time. People who own an emotional support animal have to take care of their pets and therefore live a more active lifestyle that is free from unwanted stress and anxiety. Moreover, people who suffer from depression, especially seniors, feel that they have someone to look after and feed. Therefore, they feel that they have a purpose in life and don’t feel low or demotivated.

To Sum Up

Through certification, an emotional support animal can travel with its owner, who may be suffering from any psychological or mental illness. Through the unconditional love and support offered by an emotional support animal, people who have any mental disability can find it easy to overcome their psychological problems. And people suffering from mental disorders find it easy to perform their day-to-day activities when they have an emotional support animal by their side.