Buying Cockapoo Puppies – Meet the Dog Facts

Buying Cockapoo Puppies – Meet the Dog Facts


When buying cockapoo puppies, it’s easy to see their cute eyes and soft fur and simply be a goner.  However, there are some really important details that you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to considering whether — cute eyes, aside — this dog breed is going to be a good match for your family. That’s especially why this list of dog breed facts is going to help you get the information you need.

  • What genetics do I need to be aware of: Cockapoos are a hybrid dog breed. They are a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. The best of both breeds, they are low maintenance for grooming, and don’t drool or shed. While they can have health complications from their parent breeds, the right breeder will fully inform you on those potentials and a great vet will be able to help you plan for those as much as possible.
  • Their way of life: Simply put, cockapoos are going to be a people’s dog. They want to be everywhere their favourite human is and will stop at nothing to make sure that they give you lots of love and affection (even if you’re not looking for it at the present moment). They adore kids, seniors, active families, couch potato families, and anyone in between. They just LOVE people and want to be around someone 100% of their time.
  • Personality and characteristics: These dogs are very smart, naturally, and are also very empathetic. They’ll cuddle with you when you are sick or sad and be your very best friend mere minutes after you’ve scolded them. They aren’t capable of holding grudges and are affectionate and warm towards even those who aren’t comfortable around dogs (or those who don’t always act “properly” around them, such as children or those with mental or behavioural disabilities).

They are very playful and energetic dogs, requiring dedicating play time and at least one walk a day. They are active throughout their entire lives, though you won’t find them hyperactive or too-high energy. These doggos make great playmates for other dogs, cats, or children, too, simply because they just love to play with anyone and everyone.

  • Pet-friendly dogs: If you have another dog or a cat (or a bird), your cockapoo won’t care. They’ll want to be friends with everyone and play with them, too. While your other dog breed may not be especially happy to see them, you can bet that your cockapoo will gladly be instant besties with new animals or people that enter your household!

There are lots of reasons to love this excitable and loving dog breed. Growing in popularity, this is larger than your average hybrid dog, but it’s going to be an adorable addition to your family network, even if it’s bigger than you had thought initially. They’ll still be your dedicated lap dog and your very best friend no matter what you’re doing. What else could you ask for in a new furry addition, after all of that?