Check Out Katzentoilette Test: Litter Box Basics You Should Know

Check Out Katzentoilette Test: Litter Box Basics You Should Know


If you have an indoor cat, you need to find the right litter box to ensure that everything remains hygienic along the way. They will provide you an ability to clean up after your cat and a safe space as well as a predetermined location where your cat can defecate and urinate.

Even though a box comes with a clear perspective and use, it is vital to implement it because it can help your cat’s overall health. Remember that cats are beings of habits, which is why a proper litter box will help their mental health.

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We decided to present you with a thorough guideline on boxes to determine the best course of action for your particular needs and requirements.

How Many Litter Boxes Should You Get?

Check Out Katzentoilette Test: Litter Box Basics You Should Know

Even if you have a single cat in your household, we recommend avoiding getting a single litter box, especially if you have a large house.

Since everyone enjoys having different options, it is vital to find ways to implement at least two boxes, which will prevent potential problems in the future.

Generally, the rule of thumb states that you should have at least one box more than the number of your cats within the household. Therefore, if you have two cats, you will need three boxes, while for one cat, you will only need two of them.

Remember that reducing the number of litters can lead to severe toileting problems, resulting in mental problems with your cat or cleaning afterward.

How Big Should It Be?

If you wish to find the right litter, you need to consider numerous characteristics and factors before making up your mind. Therefore, you should consider the size, which means that your cat should be large enough to fit inside and have room to spare afterward.

Generally, a feline needs to have enough space to dig around and move inside without stepping on it. Therefore, you should think about plenty of space where they will leave deposits if you are away so that they can use it again.

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It would be best if you remembered that an adequately sized litter box should be as long as your cat from tail to nose, and the width should also be the size of your feline friend without an extended tail.

When it comes to height, you should make another important consideration. Generally, your cat’s condition and personality will determine the height the one you should get. You can choose these options, such as:

  • Most Cats – If your feline is not sprayer, which means that it will not kick the litter out of the walls. It means that you should find features between five and seven inches in height, especially if you have a large one.
  • Sprayers – If you have a kicker, sprayer, or someone with a bad aim when it comes to the box, you should get the one that features high sides so that you can reduce the chances of potential problems that may happen. Of course, you need to see whether your cat can enter inside without any additional problem. Therefore, you should check out the ones that come with at least three sides and that are tall enough to prevent litter, poop, or pee from hitting your floors. The best option for sprayers and kickers is between eight and twelve inches, but you should make one side with a lower entry/exit so that it can get out of it as simple as possible.
  • Cats With Mobility Issues – If you have a kitten or cat that has mobility issues such as arthritis or other problems, you should get a one with low height to reduce the hassle. For most cats, the entry and exit should be between two and three inches high, which will provide a perfect balance for your feline friend.

Uncovered or Covered Litter Boxes

When choosing whether you should get covered or uncovered, you should know that everything depends on your preferences and capabilities. Some cats enjoy using uncovered more than others do, while others will use any type.

Therefore, you should create a selection and be ready to adapt based on the cat’s indications and perspectives. That way, you will be able to determine the preference your cat has.

If you wish to get a covered option, we recommend you to find the one that comes with a high entrance and exit so that your cat can quickly get inside and go out. Simultaneously, if your cat has mobility or respiratory issues, we recommend you get an uncovered one instead.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

You can find a wide array of self-cleaning options available on the market. Of course, they come with a higher price tag than others do, which you need to remember.

It is vital to visit this guide: to learn how to properly maintain a litter.

Even though cleaning and maintaining litter boxes can be unpleasant and inconvenient, it is much less convenient to find out that your cat is afraid of the automatic litter box you are purchased for a large sum.

At the same time, you will need a significant amount to get it. Remember that when you scoop regular litters, you will get a chance to determine whether there are specific changes in your cat’s poo and pee, which are common indicators that it has a problem.