Encouraging Your Child to Face Their Fears

Encouraging Your Child to Face Their Fears


Resilience, courage and risk taking are characteristics that are important in children and parents often wonder how they can build this character. Building character is about preparing the foundation for a successful journey throughout childhood and adulthood.

Resilience in particular would enable a child to focus on what they want and chase their dreams rather than avoid challenges. How can you teach a child resilience?

What Is Your Motive?

Seeing your child struggle with something is probably the hardest thing a parent has to go through. It takes every fibre in your body to make sure that you don’t end up fighting their battles for them. When you try to help them face their fears, you need to understand where you are coming from.

Do you want to help them be the best version of themselves, or do you just want to protect yourself from the ugly feeling of watching your child struggle?

You need to help your child walk through their tough journeys instead of giving in and handling their problem yourself.

How can you help?

Here are three ways you can encourage your children to face their fears.


The first thing you need to do is to empathize with your child. While you encourage your little ones to try things they are scared of, make sure that you do not downplay what they are feeling.

“You are fine.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

These sentences might seem empathetic, but they usually undermine your child’s emotions. Try to communicate and explain that you know what they are going through and you are on the same page.


The next most crucial thing to do is give them the space to express themselves and be available when they do. Listening to their problems and communicating does not mean asking a million questions and badgering them into annoyance.

Sometimes a simple hug is enough. No words need to be exchanged for them to feel heard.

Remind Them Of Their Strengths

Now, this part is tricky. If you just tell your child they are brave and strong and courageous; it might seem like you are saying it only out of love.

But if you remind your child of the times when they overcame adversity, like when your child felt scared of waterslides, but once they started with the smallest slide, they had a lot of fun at the water park.

It will encourage them and make them believe your words.


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