How To Ensure Your Dog Maintains Strong Teeth

How To Ensure Your Dog Maintains Strong Teeth

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Have you ever had to take your dog to the vet and spend an arm and a leg because your dog developed dental problems? You may be thinking, “That won’t happen to me!”. However, it’s pretty common for even the most cherished and well-cared-for dogs to develop dental issues as they grow older.

Natural vs Processed: What’s the Difference?

People brush their teeth regularly and are aware of the risks if they don’t. Does your dog need to do the same? To maintain strong, healthy teeth and gums, dogs also require good oral hygiene. Chewing on natural dog chews helps scrape away plaque and tartar—and keep bad breath at bay. It’s important to find a chew that your dog enjoys, and when it comes to finding the best natural dog chew for your furry buddy, there are a lot of options.

We recommend keeping your dog’s chews natural for a number of reasons. Despite appearing natural, many chews have actually been chemically treated, bleached or dyed, and glued into shapes!

By switching to a natural alternative, you are protecting your dog and the environment; if we as consumers choose natural options, we are sending a message to the industry that the chemical processing, and the carbon emissions released, as a result, are unnecessary.

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The Power of Chewing

The process of chewing on natural dog chews helps relieve stress and anxiety. We’ve all seen how focused a dog can get when zoned into a chew toy. That focus is great stimulation for them and can be a fantastic opportunity to release extra energy from the day.

The movement of your dog’s jaw is also great for their joints too, as it keeps them limber and moving smoothly. A natural chew doesn’t stop working there either, as they can also aid with digestion leading to an overall happier, healthier pup.

Benefits For Years To Come

The benefits of a healthy dog go far beyond its lifespan. To ensure that your dog lives a happy, strong life, it’s essential to make sure that they have strong teeth. By providing them with a safe chew every day, you’ll be able to keep their gums and teeth healthy for many years to come.

When using these products, remember that size matters! If your dog is a larger breed or has a jaw strength significantly higher than average, opt for larger chews instead of smaller ones to avoid possible choking hazards.

Always check with a vet before giving them anything new for them to chew. They may have specific recommendations for proper dental care for your furry friend.