Hurt Dog

Learn How to Take Care of an Injured and Hurt Dog


Coming across an injured dog can be a scary experience because dogs become quite intimidating when they are hurt or scared.

It is quite natural to panic when you see another living being in pain or feeling hurt. People who are not used to of the presence of other living beings, for them to witness such an experience can be ten times difficult and different than the normal people.

If you are someone who is just like we have mentioned above then you need to read this article where we will be discussing on handling dogs who are injured or full body dog harness. You will learn some of the known tips on handling a hurt dog without letting the dog hurt you.

First things first, Don’t Panic at all!

Whenever you come across such a situation, instead of fight or flight response, stay calm and take deep long breaths. Don’t let yourself sink in the moment.

Second: Keep an Eye Around Yourself

When you are approaching an injured dog then make sure that your surroundings are cleared. Such as that there is nothing in between you and the dog i.e. any obstacle, traffic, road, or other dogs etc.

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Thirdly: Try to Entice Your Dog

Instead of directly approaching the dog which can be quite dangerous, it is better that you lure the dog by offering him something to eat. Try to throw some food in his direction which can make him come to you.

Fourth: Never Approach the Dog from the Front

When you think that now the dog is not feeling much afraid from you then start approaching him slowly but make sure that you approach him from an angle or a side which he cannot see directly. Like: approaching him from his side instead of approaching him directly in his angle. This is safer and easier as this angle will not allow the dog to plunge on you directly in case if he feels threatened by you.

Fifth: Speak with the Dog Confidently and Calmly

When you approach the dog, talk to him confidently. Call him in a calm voice. Calling him with his name would be a better option in case if you know it. Ask him to trust you. This will ensure the dog that you are not approaching him with any other motives. Once the dog has calmed down enough then you can approach him now.

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Sixth: When Approaching the Dog, Keep Your Eyes Away from His

Making an eye contact with a dog should be avoided at all costs. This can make the dog feel hostile towards you.

Seventh: Use a Barrier in between

When you are approaching the dog, make sure that you have something to protect yourself too i.e. a barrier, a cushion etc which can protect you in case if the dog attacks on you directly.

Eighth: Use a Rope to Tie Around the Dog’s Neck

Once you are near the dog, then put a leash around his neck and take him towards veterinary clinic. If it’s a small dog then you can use a towel as well instead of a leash.