Six Important Commands For Dogs

Six Important Commands For Dogs


Although it is not necessarily required for dogs to be trained, it is still important for them to know basic commands so they will become obedient and reliable pets. There are different types of dog breeds in the world; some breeds are just meant to be pets, and some are meant to be trained to become guard dogs. Having a trained dog is beneficial for your home as you can give them orders and they may know what actions to perform for every circumstance.

Here are six basic, significant commands that are essential for dogs to learn. These commands are as follows:

1. “Sit”

Surely everyone knows and has heard the command “sit” for dogs. This command is one of the easiest for them to learn. Teaching your dog this command will make them become a patient and obedient pets. They will learn how to wait for their turn and how to behave. Plus, you and your family will even be entertained watching your dog obey it. It is suggested that you use treats to train them effectively and to increase their excitement.

2. “Lay Down”

This command can be very helpful because, through this trick, you can make your dog behave. By simply saying “down” or “lay down”, they will learn how to calm down and stop themselves from being overly active by running around places! If your house has visitors or your dog is just overly excited and running around an inconvenient place, bothering some people, you can simply use this command to put a stop to it.

3. “Quiet”

Teaching your dog to understand this word will benefit you as an owner. Noisy dogs can irritate the people around you and even you as the owner, and this is one of the basic, significant commands that is suggested to be taught to your dog. However, bear in mind that a dog’s bark always has a reason. Make sure to assess where their noisiness comes fro.

Five Basic Dog Commands Your Dog Needs To Know

4. “Come”

Teaching this trick to your dog can enhance each other’s bond. By training this command, you can save your dog from any distraction—when they are lost, or when they are caught off guard. And you can also save yourself time from going over to fetch them because they can just follow you.

5. “Bed”

Of course, teaching this to your dog will benefit both you and the dog. With this command, your dog will learn to sleep early, and they may receive the amount of rest that they need. Offer them their favorite treat before or after settling themselves to bed, so they may be more interested in following your order.

6. “No.”

This one is actually one of the most common and useful commands to teach to your dog. By teaching them the meaning of this word, your dog can instantly behave, and they will learn how to listen to your strict commands. You can save them from potential dangers such as forbidden foods, and hazardous places. Your dog will also hold back whenever they want to do something that is not to your liking.

Excessive training for your dog can cause injuries or sickness to their health. Make sure that you aren’t a very harsh owner or a trainer and put up patience for their training. Whenever accidents happen during training, immediately consult a veterinarian so your dog may receive its necessary medications. You can also even find numerous 24-hour vets in San Jose in case your dog’s illness emerged during inconvenient hours.

To end, make sure to carry enthusiasm every time you will train dogs. Learn the effective methods and be patient with them, for they do not hold the exact same comprehension as humans– they are furry creatures and they deserve love and care. Refrain from abusing them or hurting them each time they fail to listen. Be an accountable dog owner and offer your pet the training and treatment that they need.