Successful Leash Training For Your Dog

Successful Leash Training For Your Dog


For those who don’t own a dog, or who are considering purchasing a new puppy soon, being able to understand some of the difficulties of taking a dog for a walk can be challenging. Just as challenging, in fact, as taking an untrained dog for a walk.

Walking their dog is one of the best ways for dog owners to learn more about their pet and to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. However, if the dog is not leash trained properly, or hasn’t had any residential dog training, taking even a short walk can become a time consuming, arduous chore. Dogs who are not properly leash trained will often pull on their owners, or run after small animals, cars, people, or anything else that seems interesting.

To help make leash training your dog easier, the expert residential dog training Sheffield dog trainers from Dog Harmony are going to share some simple tips.

Tips For Successful Leash Training For Your Dog

Give Your Dog Complete Attention- it is quite common for people to attend more to their smartphones when walking with their dogs than the dogs themselves. Leave your smartphone in your pocket as mobile devices can be very distracting and your dog can be harmed if he doesn’t get your full attention. By giving your dog your complete attention, you can see any issues that might arise during his training.

Teach Him To Heel- this will make your dog more attentive to you and calmer, especially in a very distracting environment. Start practicing this at home. Depending on the training method, you can use verbal commands or a closed fist hand signal to tell your dog to assume the heel position. After your dog is fully calm and in a controlled heel position, you can say “let’s go” to allow your dog to walk again.

Allow Some Social Interactions- your dog should have healthy social interactions with other dogs. If other owners allow it, dogs may sniff one another to make an introduction and start interacting. Social dogs are not aggressive, and they have friendly behaviours which can make leash training easier and a lot more successful.

One of the best ways to leash train your dog is to contact a residential dog training Sheffield dog trainer who can provide your dog with the training they need to become a healthy and happy family pet.

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