Tips For Training An Older Dog

Tips For Training An Older Dog


Training Your Adult Dog Depends On Two Factors –

  • The condition he was in before you brought him to your home. For instance, a rescued pup who did not receive much training at his previous home.
  • Training inconsistencies during puppyhood leading to behavioural defects which you would like to rectify now.

If the second factor applies, training your dog would be comparatively easy, as you are already aware of your dog’s nature and the areas which demand focus. Regarding the conditioning of a rescued dog, you must be very patient and begin training him only after he settles in and starts trusting you.

In case you are finding it difficult to train your dog, you must seek the help of a dog trainer in your area. You can find a dog training expert in Preston.

We are going to discuss a few techniques which might help you regain control over your furry friend.

  • Crates – Crating is a potent way to help your dog develop self-control. Keeping him in an enclosure, occasionally, goes a long way. Take baby steps. In the beginning, crating must not exceed 15 minutes. Increase the duration as you go along. Make sure the crate is robust and comfortable. Keep his favourite toys or titbits in the enclosure to encourage him to go inside. Close the gate once he settles in.
  • Rewarding – Keeping a positive attitude is a prerequisite, and, you must treat your dog with his favourite toy or food for each little task he accomplishes. Reward him for even attending to a basic command like sitting or lying down or managing to walk without causing much hassle on a loose leash.
  • Consistency – While in training, your dog must receive similar treatment and attention from all the family members. For example, if you want to discourage your dog from jumping on guests, make sure he gets the same reaction of disapproval from everybody. The same goes for rewarding.
  • Brief Sessions – Keep the training sessions short and enjoyable, preferably not more than 20 minutes. Stop as soon as you feel it may be boring your dog out.
  • Orientation Classes – Training your dog on your own may fail to bring about the desired result. When that happens, have your dog enrolled in a dog training facility. You can find an expert dog trainer in Preston who have the knowledge and experience required to set your dog back on the right track.