Top Rated Pet Sitting Company Explains The Bond Between Dog And People


We can all agree that the domestication of canine or dog led to a meaningful connection between them and people. At the same time, it is simple to differentiate numerous examples in which dogs have helped us without expecting anything in return.

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They hunted with us, served the police and military, kept pests and vermin away, assisted disabled people, and remained our companions throughout history. That is the main reason why we give them a roof, a cozy bed, and much more food than they would get by themselves.

This particular bond is one of the strongest there is; however, the question is how it reached this specific strength.

The Process Of Domestication

It is challenging to determine the exact point in history when the domestication started. According to archeological research, evidence has shown that they became part of nature millions of years ago.

They had the same ancestors as the wolves, and approximately a hundred thousand years ago, they started going in another evolutionary direction. However, the domestication started between fifteen and thirty thousand years ago.

Some scientists think that domestication started when people started breeding them for specific reasons and traits. However, it is challenging to agree with this particular theory. 

On the other hand, dogs tend to be scavengers, which means that they followed human hunters for food remains. After a while, they started hunting together with an idea to share the food afterward.

It does not matter how it started, the canine-human bond strengthened and blossomed throughout history, and it will continue to grow as time goes by.

Thing That Dog Do For Humans

Apart from the idea that dogs are loyal companions, they have also provided us with numerous health benefits when compared with the past times. Generally, they are great for our mental state because they help us relax, keep us active, and lower our blood pressure apart from other things.

Another perspective you should remember is that dogs tend to work for us as well. You can find numerous service dogs that are perfect assistants to people with physical and mental disabilities. 

On the other hand, search-and-rescue dogs also have their part in the history of this particular connection, because they helped numerous people during the harsh weather conditions.

They are also the first line of defense against thieves and criminals, and they are a common addition to law enforcement due to their practical sense of smell. 

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Even if they do not have adequate training, they will proudly defend us from intruders and make our families and homes safer than before.

On the other hand, the domestication process created a co-dependency in which dogs evolved to exist alongside humans. Even though they can easily survive in the wilderness, they tend to enjoy and get used to the help we provide them.

At the same time, we help them by sheltering them and fulfill their basic requirements such as healthcare, home, food, and other necessary things. 

Tips For Bonding With Your Dog

You need to understand that meaningful connection starts from the very beginning. Therefore, as soon as the puppy enters our life, it will begin to bond with their owners and vice versa. 

Of course, you will be able to improve that particular connection throughout the life that includes participating in activities together and handling numerous actions, including games, walk, as well as a training session.

Spend The Time – The busy lives we tend to lead can make us ignore our pets in some situations. Therefore, you need to find time to be with your beloved dog and to show your love. You can do it by including your dog in family activities so that everyone could enjoy it while you are outside. Of course, having a pet sitting company to help you feed and walk him while you are away is another important consideration. 

Exercise Together – Similarly, as you, the dog also requires regular training for maintaining overall health. Therefore, you should combine the efficiency and enjoyment by exercising together. You can run, jog or walk together long distance. On the other hand, you can also cycle or hike together as well. It does not matter what you decide to choose, because dogs tend to enjoy spending time with you and working out at the same time.