What To Know About Equine And Livestock Insurance

What To Know About Equine And Livestock Insurance

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If you’re someone raising and making a living off of your livestock or horses, you know that anything can happen where animals are concerned. While there is no way to know what might happen on any given day, there is a way to prepare for it. The best way to be prepared for anything that may happen on your farm or ranch is to get coverage with a good insurance policy. There are insurance policies created to cover horses and a variety of livestock that will ensure you will not suffer a deep loss when an accident occurs. A good policy will provide a wide range of coverage; here is what you will want to look for in equine and livestock insurance policies.

Full Mortality 

A full mortality coverage policy, for both equine and livestock insurance, provides coverage in the incidence of an animals death. This policy should cover the full value of the animal in the case of death by both natural causes, such as disease and illness, and accidents. This type of policy will be on the more expensive side and, while most animals can be covered, there may be some age and value restrictions, and, in order to get this coverage with a reputable insurance agency, you will need to have a check up with a veterinarian who can prove your animal or animals are in good health. You’ll also want to check with the company to make certain you are covered in any state you and your horses or livestock may be traveling in. Full mortality policy is more commonly offered on horses but you may find this policy offered on other livestock as well.

What To Know About Equine And Livestock Insurance

Limited Mortality

If you’re looking for a less expensive rate than a full mortality policy allows or your animal did not qualify for a full mortality policy, you may want to look into limited mortality. While a full mortality policy will cover in the event of any sort of death, a limited mortality policy covers specific incidents. Limited mortality policies may in cover occurrences such as natural disasters (fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, tornado, or windstorm) and accidents related to travel, and you may be able to add additional types of events as well. With a limited mortality policy, you also may be able to group this insurance into “Herd Coverage” and cover a specified number of animals under the same policy.

Equine and livestock insurance prepares you for the uncertainties of everyday life and prevents you from dealing with a financial loss on top of the grieving that comes with losing an animal you have care for.