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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Dog Walking Business

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If you are an animal lover like us, dog walking might be the best way to kickstart a new position matka with your favourite furry friends. Dog walking is a great way to earn extra income or start a new business. However, like all businesses, dog walking requires careful planning to be successful. Follow these tips on how to start your own dog business and you will be walking those friendly little pooches in no time.

You Have to Actually Love Dogs

Obviously, you have to love dogs. You don’t want to find yourself halfway through your first walk and realise you’re more akin to Cruella de Vil than a natural doggie lover. This is because both the dogs and their owners will pick up on the negativity you’re giving towards them. You also don’t want to start a business just because it sounds easy but will make you frustrated. If you get absolutely pumped at the idea of enjoying quality canine time and are the type to cuddle random doggos in the street – it just might be the job for you.

Resources are Important

Dog owners care about their pooches, and they want to know that their favourite pup is safe when out walking with you. You should feel comfortable with the knowledge that you can handle most situations that could arise on a walk. You must have a reliable vet’s number on hand at all times and try and make it one that is close to your walking route. Knowledge of basic dog first aid is essential, as is a working knowledge on dog behaviour. Finally, it’s good to have public liability insurance in case an incident occurs when on a walk (but you can leave having the top pet insurance to the owner).

Know your Local Market

You have to specify your services towards the types of dog owners you want to attract. Perhaps a local vet can recommend you a list of potential pooches? You might even discover that the owner requires a dogsitter and not just a walker. This could be a great opportunity to branch out and make even more income.

Advertise your New Business

Because how will people know you’ve undertaken this exciting new venture if you don’t advertise? Digital market is one of the best ways for dog walkers to advertise as it is cheaper and more targeted than older advertising methods. Things like email lists, social media pages and a website with a local business listing are the perfect places to start.

Have a Specified Price List

It’s important that you are clear about your price list from the beginning. Have both a hard copy and price list available on your website so that you can share it with any potential clients. You might even want to offer cheaper prices for people who sign their dogs up for cheaper walks, but always be firm on price and know your value.

Make a Clear Agreement

As you run a business like any other, it is important to sign contracts with clients so that they know what to expect. You can also discuss your policies and conditions regarding refunds and service cancellations. Ensure you are clear about when payment is required, as you don’t have an awkward situation where the client refuses to pay or tries to abruptly cancel their payment.

Remember: Dog Walking Is an Absolute Joy!

As with any business, you have to surpass a few hurdles before you can start enjoying the fruits of your labour. The double win with dog walking is that you get paid to hang out with the friendliest beings on the planet! Get the hard part out of the way and you’ll soon be enjoying one of the most enjoyable (and desired) jobs on the planet.