You And Your Cat Will Love This Modern Cat Furniture

You And Your Cat Will Love This Modern Cat Furniture


All cat parents want the best for their feline family members. If you wish you could offer your cat a safe place to play and sleep that isn’t an eyesore you’re not alone. Cats can lounge in comfort AND in style with modern and beautiful cat furniture from The Refined Feline.

Stylish Cat Towers

There are many cat trees and cat towers on the market nowadays. Yet, most of them aren’t made to last long and are not attractive. However, The Refined Feline makes beautiful cat furniture for cats of all sizes that will truly last a lifetime. These makers of modern cat furniture use durable materials that are safe for pets to create furniture that both cats and humans love. The stylish cat trees feature carpeted platforms and cushioned cubbies. Plus, all of the carpets  and cushions can be washed and replaced if needed. This one of a kind cat furniture will please both you and your cat.

Most carpeted cat towers are bulky and take up way too much floor space. However, chic designs from The Refined Feline have a small footprint and come in a variety of modern colors. This is truly unique cat furniture that will even add to your home’s aesthetic, rather than take away from it. Most cat towers have a tendency to tip over without much force. Yet, The Refined Feline’s cat furniture is strong and made to support even the largest breeds of cats whether they’re just lounging or playing.

Litter Box Furniture Made To Match Your Home


You And Your Cat Will Love This Modern Cat Furniture

The Refined Feline also makes modern wooden litter box cabinets that’ll solve all of your litter box issues. You won’t need to go searching for a location to hide the unsightly litter box anymore. Instead, invest in a piece of beautiful cat furniture that will make the litter box experience more pleasant for you and your cat. The Refined Litter Box Deluxe is a litter box cabinet with slots in the back that are designed to hold carbon filters which absorb odors. These durable wooden cabinets offer your cat privacy and also make cleaning easier for you. The best part is that just you and your cat will know there’s even a litter box inside!

Cat Scratching Posts Made To Last

Another source of frustration for cat owners is managing scratching. Searching for a scratching post that you and your cat both like can be a difficult task. Your cat could have fun tearing up any old scratching post made of cardboard. However, you will get sick of having to replace it monthly as well as sweeping up the shreds. The Refined Feline designs cat scratching posts made of durable materials some of which are even claw-proof. They even design some multi-purpose cat furniture that is also a table or bed.

Beautiful And Functional Modern Cat Furniture

In 2021, your cat furniture no longer has to compromise the aesthetic of your home. Litter boxes and carpeted cat trees shouldn’t be an eyesore that you feel like you need to hide. Replace old ripped up cat furniture with durable modern cat furniture that’ll last all nine lives. You and your cat will be happy that you did.