Best American Shorthair Breed Online in Pakistan

Best American Shorthair Breed Online in Pakistan

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The American shorthair breed is a domestic cat being popular for its strong built and marvelous characteristics. It has extraordinary unsuspecting instincts as well as hunting skills due to which it was previously used to keep the mice and vermin away from food or any other storage area. The American shorthair still practices its hunting skills often. It is available online in Pakistan to add a joyful and loving member to your family.


It is said that this breed of cats was brought to America by the early settlers originally coming from Europe. They may have been brought over by the early settlers of Jamestown or even the Spanish settlers in Florida. These cats were originally brought due to their exemplary skills in hunting down chipmunks and squirrels to save crops. These cats were first shown at a cat show in 1895 while the CFA recognized them in 1906 however they were not known as the American shorthair breed until 1966.


Although the American shorthair cat does not like unnecessary attention and is relatively a very independent cat, it adapts easily to the environment and makes it a very friendly and fun family member. She is extremely good-natured and fond of people and children love it when they give her attention. She may even occasionally curl up on your lap wanting to be loved but also feel very comfortable just sitting alongside you. They are also friendly with other cats and good-natured dogs, however, the hunting instincts may trigger when seeing birds and other pet animals. Other than this they love to play, they do a good job of learning new tricks or challenging themselves with new interactive toys or puzzles.


The males can weigh up to 11 to 15 pounds while the female weight is 8 to 12 pounds.


The American shorthair cats have a big head with a fuller face. They have big wide eyes while having medium-size ears. Other than this they are although not athletic they do have a strong muscular build as well as having strong legs.


The American shorthair breed has a range of colors all very beautiful and pleasing to look at. The most popular and loved color is the silver tabby. Other than that they come in black, white, cream, red and blue.

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An American shorthair breed can live up to 15 to 20 years thus making it your friend and companion for a long time.


Good breeders test breeding cats thoroughly for any genetic diseases and the American shorthair breed is tested to have no visible or known genetic diseases, it is a very healthy and happy breed. Although there have been a few reported cases of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy it is unknown if that is hereditary or other reasons as there is no proof. The flat face may give them more exposure to ocular or respiratory issues. Their laid-back nature increases the risk of obesity as well as they are more prone to mouth and gum disease.


It has a short coat but your cat may shed, however it is recommended to comb it a few times a week to prevent dry and itchy skin as well as removing dead hair and redistributing oils to the skin.


If you are opting for an American shorthair kitten, they mature very slowly. They can take about 3-4 years to fully mature. Although they are not very fussy, it is best to give food that will help in the growing process. However, after her first birthday, she may need adult cat food.

American shorthair cats are very healthy thus they do not require extra care when it comes to food. Any complete and balanced food available will be good. However, due to its laid-back nature, an American shorthair may gain weight thus it is important to change the formula to any healthy weight formula. In rare cases like your cat developing hairballs regularly then, the formula needs to change to control that especially.

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